Hello, I'm Tim Schofield a Software Development professional with 12 years .NET commercial experience and a BSc (Hons) in software engineering.


I've written complete web applications including:


  • Open Mic website
  • Client support website
  • Cryptocurrency portfolio website


+ many other applications including:


  • School medical software
  • Data conversion programs
  • Automated testing solutions 
  • Bespoke software for large companies


I have 11 years experience in developing a payroll application used to pay over 1 million UK employees.


I now specialise in Web application development and am able to develop both Mobile and Desktop applications. I've a broad range of technical skills and constantly keep up to date with new languages, frameworks, operating systems and cloud platforms ie Microsoft Azure and Digital Ocean.


When not sitting in front of a screen I really enjoy cycling, photography and playing the piano. 


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